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Hse &safety policies




The company’s safety policy has been designed by senior management team. It is the policy of Ater Al Rooh management, that its operations are always executed in such a way as to , as far as reasonably practicable, the Health ,Safety and welfare of all its employees and all persons likely to be affected by its operations, including the public, were appropriate.


The aims of the policy are to achieve the following: The prevention of injury to all the employee or persons affected by the company operations To ensure that estimates take account of safe methods of work, relevant codes of practice and reasonable welfare facilities. To ensure that all levels of personnel receive adequate and appropriate training in accident prevention. To ensure that the safe work practices are always observed, with regards to any local and international codes of practice. All employees have their own duty to take reasonable care of their own safety and the safety of others who may be affected by their acts.


  1.  Every Manager, Supervisors, Foreman, is accountable for the overall

  2.  implementation of the Policy within the areas of activity under his control. 

  3. Manager will set objectives, highlight priorities and act plans to improve  safety performance

  4. Managers will ensure that safety policy is effectively implemented by the  personnel under their control, and arrange on regular bases 

  5. Ensure that the site (s) and work (s) under their control are conducted in  accordance wit  all local & International regulations, codes of practice and company policies & procedures/instructions.

  6.  Ensure that Engineer, Supervisors and charge hands clearly understand  their duties & responsibilities for safe working method


Determine the responsibilities of subcontractors and other employed by the company with regards to the provisions of the legislation in force and issue appropriate instructions to sub-contractors

  1. ➢ Maintain a clean and tidy workshop or site and ensure that there are satisfactory

  2. ➢ arrangements for the lightings, sanitation, ventilation’s & etc.

  3. ➢ Ensure that suitable plant, machinery and power tools are provided and maintained proper maintenance of all tools and machinery

  4. ➢ Make sure that protective equipment, clothing (PPE) is available where appropriate.

  5. ➢ Use only the correct tools, equipment and method of work in the proper manner and proper

  6. ➢ use of PPE

  7. ➢ Report immediately to your superior any defect on tools, machinery or any unsafe in the work shop or site

  8. ➢ Report immediately to your immediate superior any minor or major accident or dangerous occurrences whether involving personal injury or not

All works which are the subject for subcontract shall be carried out in compliance with the Health and safety at work Act. 1974. And the relevant statutory provisions prescribed with this policy

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